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Because I don’t like the feeling of wearing a bracelet or watch, I haven’t experienced wearing a watch or smart bracelet for a long time. I accidentally saw the introduction of the Willful brand Y2 smart bracelet on the Internet. I actually have blood pressure, blood oxygen detection, etc. Nearly 20 functions have subverted my understanding of the functions of smart bracelets a long time ago and aroused my curiosity.

I couldn't help but place an order and bought a standard version of the black Y2 (with a chest patch set + real-time blood pressure and heart rate monitoring), and actually experienced it.


This Y2 smart bracelet from Willful is packaged in a white carton, with only a golden “Willful” logo on the front of the box, no other decorations, and an extremely simple appearance.

The interior is filled with delicate soft foam, the wristband support and card position are firm, and the protection is in place, which can definitely effectively resist the violent sorting in transportation.

The watch also comes with two electrode adapter plugs and two electrode pads, which are used to monitor the ECG on the chest, and a simple manual. Didn’t see any chargers and charging cables, a bit strange, right?


Similar to the popular bracelets on the market, the Y2 bracelet also adopts a strip design. The appearance is mainly black. The black screen and strap are equipped with partial gray touch control panels and silver strap locks. The overall look is solemn and grand. .

The bracelet has a round and smooth appearance, without any edges or corners. The width of the bracelet is about 22mm, the thickness is about 15mm, and the thickness is not small when viewed from the side.

The watch uses a black silicone strap with a stainless steel buckle. The surface of the strap is also decorated with horizontal stripes that simulate common splicing straps, which does not look monotonous.

The host and strap of the Y2 bracelet are reliably connected through T-shaped plugs and card slots. With the flexibility of the silicone strap, hold the host and strap with both hands and pull it apart. I am a little worried about this kind of plugging and unplugging. Way durability.

The length of the main body of the bracelet is about 47.5mm. It adopts a saddle shape. The two ends are plug-in T-shaped connectors. The upper part of the front is equipped with a curved glass screen shield, and the lower part is a curved gray metal touch panel. There are two small holes, perhaps buzzer holes.

The host adopts direct plug-in USB charging, and the charging electrode is hidden inside one end of the plug. No wonder the charging cable is not seen when opening the box. The host has a battery logo on this side for easy identification when removing the strap. There are two ECG monitoring electrodes at both ends of the inside of the main unit, and five photoelectric monitoring windows for monitoring heart rate, blood oxygen and blood pressure in the middle.

The Y2 bracelet also comes with an ECG monitor adapter for measurement close to the heart, which can be connected to a professional heart rate belt by covering the plugs at both ends of the main unit, or it can be installed with electrode patches directly attached to the heart for measurement . Compared with wrist measurement, it is more accurate.


The Y2 bracelet has a moderate size, exquisite workmanship, and a more atmospheric look and feel, especially the black curved panel that adds a lot to the bracelet. The rounded appearance, without a trace of edges and corners, also prevents some bracelets from hanging clothes, especially sweaters, which affect the wearing and taking off.

Whether you are hiking outdoors, riding long distances, or exercising indoors on a spinning bike, you can wear the Y2 bracelet to monitor relevant body parameters and exercise data. However, under strong direct sunlight, it is quite difficult to see the numbers on the display screen, which requires a little shade.

Use articles

The Y2 bracelet uses a 1.14 FTF color screen larger than ordinary bracelets, NORDIC 52832 main control chip, and Silicon Labs SI 1182 sensor, which can realize heart rate, ECG, sleep monitoring, blood pressure, blood oxygen detection, and heart rate alarms, exercise Mode, step count record, information push, call reminder, alarm clock, stopwatch, remote control camera, search for mobile phone and other functions. After booting up, each monitoring function menu can be displayed through the touch loop. Among them, exercise, 24-hour ECG monitoring and heart rate belt functions require a long press to enter.

The Y2 bracelet has a built-in gravity sensor, which can record exercise data in real time, and cooperate with the app to perform statistical analysis of exercise steps, exercise distance, calorie consumption, etc., so as to help you perform scientific exercise and exercise. After entering different modes (such as running mode), you can monitor the corresponding preset data such as exercise duration, distance, speed, and calorie consumption.

Unlike common bracelet control methods, the bracelet itself does not have a setting function. For functions such as changing themes, message push, incoming call reminder, alarm clock, stopwatch, remote camera, and finding mobile phones, you need to operate or adjust them on the mobile app. It doesn't feel bothersome.

The bracelet adopts inductive electrode technology (ECG), which measures the activity signal of the ECG tissue through the two electrodes in contact with the body, and provides ECG and text reports through the app, so the ECG status is clear at a glance. When measuring, you can directly use both hands to press and hold the electrodes on the bottom to measure. Of course, it will be more accurate if you use the included electrodes to stick to the chest.

The waterproof level of the bracelet is IP67, and it can be soaked in water for a short time. It is not necessary to remove the bracelet when washing hands and getting in the rain during daily wear.

The host uses a 150mAh polymer lithium battery, directly plugged into the USB charger, and it can be fully charged in two hours. When all functions are turned on, it can stand by for about three days. When a small part of the main functions are turned on, it can stand by for 10-15 days. The battery life is still good. of.

The Y2 bracelet has many functions such as blood pressure and blood oxygen monitoring, which can display the main measurement data of the current time in real time. If you want to do accurate and systematic analysis, you need to realize it through the app. The mobile phone APP homepage can display the monitoring list data of various functions for the past three days, and the bracelet and the mobile phone are automatically connected via Bluetooth.

Click on any graph to enter the data page, you can view more comprehensive graphs and data, which contains more comprehensive data such as exercise data, sleep data, heart rate, ECG monitoring, etc. 24 hours a day. Intuitive graphics to facilitate scientific analysis.

It is worth noting that there is also a hypoxic wake-up switch in the blood oxygen monitoring. This is designed for people with respiratory diseases such as apnea syndrome. It can be used for long periods of apnea (ie, low blood oxygen level). ) The vibration is issued in time to wake up the patient, so as to prevent the patient from coma or death. This is definitely a life-saving design.

Click on the middle of the homepage for more operations, you can turn on the heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen and ECG monitoring functions for real-time measurement, and the measured data will be automatically saved. 24-hour dynamic monitoring of blood oxygen and blood pressure can be carried out for those with old sickness at home.

After performing related design in my device in the app, you can receive notifications such as SMS, WeChat, QQ and other notifications from the mobile phone on the wristband, and view the information content, and can also reject calls and remotely take pictures. There are many functions.

You can view your exercise record data and graphics through the exercise page, such as duration, pace, aerobic exercise duration, average heart rate, steps, distance, pause duration and times, etc. for your analysis, and then scientifically adjust your exercise parameter.


This Y2 smart bracelet from Willful has a simple and round appearance, solemn color, plug-in combination design, exquisite workmanship, 1.14 FTF color screen display, NORDIC 52832 main control chip, SI 1182 sensor, accurate detection and measurement, not only ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen detection, as well as nearly 20 functions such as exercise mode, information push, call reminder, alarm clock, remote camera, search for mobile phones, etc. It also has super practical life-saving functions such as heart rate alarm and low oxygen wake-up. It is detachable Decombined into an ECG monitoring device to provide a more accurate ECG. It is a comprehensive, practical, and cost-effective health multifunctional smart bracelet that can protect your health and your family.

However, the bracelet also has some shortcomings, such as the APP and the paper manual are too simple, lack of detailed instructions such as the position of the ECG monitoring electrode; the multi-function state standby is only two or three days, which is short; charging requires frequent plugging and unplugging of the host , Over time, the silicone strap may become loose; only two electrode pads enough for one use are included, which is too few.