How to buy a silicone smart watch correctly?


As early as two years ago, the smart system wristband came out. With the popularization of smart wearable equipment, machinery and equipment products in recent years, many smart bracelet brands are currently relying on the trend of smart bracelets. The strength has been squeezed into the market one after another, so nowadays, smart system straps are sold in various ways in the market. Some friends have slowly and slowly removed the watch selection on their wrists. Bring a smart bracelet.

As a raw material of silicone, it can be applied to smart bracelets of straps. It is just right, so that many silicone accessories can slowly enter the trend. However, in this market trend, the different quality and famous brands make many people There is no choice. It is not clear how to distinguish when buying a silicone smart bracelet, so do you have a grasp of the raw materials before buying?

For electronic components, today’s smart system straps are not as good as mobile phones. Simple step counting, sleep quality inspection, and waterproofing are standard equipment. Access to the phone, as a mobile phone headset and precise positioning, is even to a level. However, with the development trend of innovative technology, this kind of efficiency is not much worse, and the important problem of the prefabricated parts of the intermediate electronic components on the raw materials lies in the basic and distance of the lithium battery and the pcb circuit board, LED, OLED operation panel. It's not too big, and it's not easy to have very big problems. The important problem is installation and strap.

Smart bracelets are different from mobile phones in that they touch the skin for a long time, so the raw materials cannot cause human allergies, so many raw materials are not suitable for it. The comfort, wear resistance and stain resistance characteristics of the wristband are also the choice of raw materials for the wristband. An important indicator for the design of the scheme, and silica gel raw materials are currently the closest to environmental protection and zero pollution of raw materials, so it is suitable to choose.

However, there are certain problems with silica gel products before they are properly processed and manufactured, such as corrosion resistance, dust staining, and gluey smell. Therefore, you must pay attention to the following problems before buying:

1. Surface smoothness. After the production of silica gel products, they also have strong adsorption force. Therefore, there are dust stains during the production process, and the smoothness is not good enough or the surface is inconsistent. If the smoothness is not good enough and there is dust staining, The product has not been processed with a gasoline pump, or the quality of the mold shell of the silicone watchband manufacturer is uneven, and there is no surface treatment. Under normal circumstances, all the underbelts will be sprayed with oil to maintain a smooth feel.

2. Lashen resilience, the application period of silicone wristbands depends on the quality of the raw materials of the product, that is, the plasticity of the product. If the product does not have high-quality resilience and extension, then confirm that the product is only made of general materials or Low-quality raw materials, so if the purchased goods are naturally cracked without human factors, then the root cause of the raw material problem must be found.

3. Appearance color and unique surface are the most important. The high-quality and expected effect management of the surface of the product determines its attention rate, so it is best without all defects. However, the silicone smart bracelet has its shortcomings. The expected effect of the parting line and appearance color, the color is basically not easy to appear cross-color, noise and intermediate color dark marks, and the analysis line is inevitable, but the size level is different, the finer the analysis line quality is expected, the higher the effect .

Therefore, there are still certain ways and methods for the purchase of silicone smart bracelets. On the whole, although silicone smart bracelets are the majority, it is basically not easy to encounter problems in normal use, and human error damage still accounts for the vast majority. The silicone wristband should not be sharp and burnt as much as possible.