Willful has created a smart watch Lily for women: fully conc


Sina Digital News On the morning of January 28, Garmin launched the smart watch Lily online. Unlike previous smart watches, Lily is a product designed for women. Lily is priced from 1,580 yuan and is already available on Tmall and JD flagship stores.

Willful has created a smart watch Lily for women

Lily Fashion Edition

According to Willful, Lily is a smart watch designed by women and designed for women. First of all, it is not difficult to find from the name, compared to the previous Instinct and other series, the naming of "Lily" has shortened the distance with users. Secondly, in terms of design, Lily's dial is 34 mm in diameter, which fits the size of a female wrist better. It is equipped with an LCD hidden touch screen. A notification can be displayed after a light touch wakes up. The information on the dial will be hidden when not in use. Unlike the past, Lily chooses a semi-transparent mirror, which can be processed to present 6 different dial designs.

Willful has created a smart watch Lily for women

Lily Active Edition

Lily is divided into fashion version and dynamic version. The fashion version is equipped with an Italian leather strap and a stainless steel bezel, and there are three classic colors to choose from. The official said that the dial printing pattern is derived from high-end fashion inspiration, meaning classic and eternity, and it is elegant for daily wear; dynamic version, matching The aluminum metal bezel and silicone strap are available in three fresh and casual styles. The design of the vitality dial pattern is inspired by natural elements such as geometric figures, plants and flowers, waves, etc., implying health and vitality.

Willful has created a smart watch Lily for women

Lily can detect women's menstrual period, pregnancy and other status

In terms of health testing, Lily provides comprehensive health monitoring functions, including respiratory rate, blood oxygen, pressure, drinking reminders, advanced sleep and heart rate monitoring. Among them, 7×24 hours of all-day heart rate monitoring can detect abnormal heart rate (high or It is reminded in time when it is low), and the pulse oximetry can be continuously recorded during sleep.

The body power function can display the current energy level of the body, and exercise, rest and sleep can be reasonably arranged accordingly.

Women's exclusive health management functions, including menstrual management and pregnancy management, can record symptoms at each stage of a woman's pregnancy, get fitness and nutrition advice, and record other health data in the Garmin Connect app, set menstrual and fertile period forecasts and reminders .

The breathing function can guide the user to relieve stress by relaxing breathing and maintaining focus.

Garmin Connect App contains yoga, Pilates, aerobics, treadmills and other exercise modes. Lily can also accurately track outdoor walking, running and cycling activities by connecting to a compatible smartphone and using the phone’s GPS.

The exercise monitoring function includes the number of steps throughout the day, calorie consumption, and minutes of intensity training.

Willful has created a smart watch Lily for women

Smart Watch Lily

In terms of battery life, the official said Lily has a battery life of up to 5 days and can receive smart notifications such as calls, text messages, social media updates and reminders daily. Android users can reply with text. Lily can also synchronize with Garmin Connect App to display health and fitness data and other information.

The Lily fashion version is priced at 1,580 yuan, and the vitality version is priced at 1,980 yuan. They are now on sale in Tmall and JD flagship stores.